Eranga's ultimate dream is to have a world first high performance centre for spin bowling. his intention is to build latest high tech and elite training facilities for performances and elite spin bowlers and coaches around the world to develop them through best possible coaching service with world class facilities.


 The project is expected,  

  - National players 

  - Emerging players 

  - County/Province/State players 

  - Academy/ High performance players

  - Touring teams

  - Performance coaches 

  - National coaches

  - Strength and Conditioning Team

  - Physiotherapy Team

  - Medical Team

  - Personal Development 

  - Performance Psychology Team

  - Sport biomachnics Team 



This project is expected to be completed by 2023, at an estimated cost of Rs115 millions (Approx £675,000) build on a 10 acres site in the southern province of Sri Lanka where the finest hotels and beaches are found. 

SBC high performance centre will also provide to access to and use facilities for touring teams. The complex accommodates indoor and outdoor training and playing facilities, the SBC high performance centre will 

offer a wide range of facilities.

  - Playing field 

  - 6 lanes of indoor nets

  - 8 lanes of outdoor nets

  - Changing rooms

  - Gym

  - High tech video analysis lab

  - Swimming pool 

  - Meeting rooms

  - Seminar rooms

  - Mediation rooms  

  - Recovery room with the spa 

  - Medical room 

  - Cafe'/dinning room 

The spin bowling clinic high performance centre is an ideal opportunity to boost your company profile. Partnership with SBC high performance centre will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. To discus the unique sponsorship opportunity or  commercial partnership please contact directly.


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