"Practice doesn't depend on just bowling, rather it requires a continuous awareness of the flow of consciousness and feeling and sensing whatever is happening, composes yourself and always be aware of that flow"
Eranga Mendis

ABOUT SpIn wizard

Eranga Mendis is a Former Sri lankan first-class player with a wealth of experience behind him playing cricket both in Sri lanka and England. He is an ECB level 3 performance coach with an extensive knowledge and experience being one of the best unsung elite specialist spin bowling coaches on the current circuit, as a direct result he is a "Go to man" for many professional cricketers around the world. 

In nutshell here some of the key elements of his coaching expertises is shown below:

  -Technique optimisation 



  -Mind power techniques in psychological preparation

  -Communication psychology 

  -Create Individual wisdoms

  -Team decision making support


Spin Bowling Masterclass with Eranga Mendis



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